Welcome to the Teilnehmerportal

At the Teilnehmerportal you can find information on the contractual aspects of your DFNInternet services, the contact information of all your registered contact persons, as well as information on the implementation of your services.

You are able to register new contact persons or change their contact information. The application service will lead you through the process of applying for new service contracts.

At the Teilnehmerportal you can report us your maintenance as well as inform yourself about future, currently running or already finished maintenances on our side.

For your first time registration you will need an invitation and a valid user certificate which has to be deposited at your browser.

Further information on DFNInternet and other services of DFN-Verein can be found on our website www.dfn.de.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, change requests or requirements, please contact us at 030 884299-9137 or teilnehmerportal@dfn.de.

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